And in freedom, most people find sin.

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I think it was Augustus who died because in the beginning, it was Hazel who thought that Augustus would eventually live a life without her. However, it is the reverse which is true, that, as Hazel once said, she was the healthiest of the trio at the end of the novel. It is also more to do with the "hero's journey from strength to weakness".

I actually don’t think Hazel was being very fair to Isaac when she said she was the healthiest. Sure, he was blind, but he was cancer free. He wasn’t dying. He was simply re-learning how to live. Hazel was certainly more healthier than Augustus at that point, but she still had cancer; she was still dying. 

But when we’re talking about just Hazel and Augustus, there was definitely a reversal of roles in terms of their health.

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Top five shows/movies you would like to star in?
  1. TFiOS movie
  2. Paper Towns Movie
  3. Supernatural
  4. Mockingjay
  5. Insurgent
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Hi! I have a question about what hazels dad meant about the universe quote, and if hazel agrees or disagrees:) thanks!

I remember John mentioning that Hazel’s dad’s view of the universe was similar to the common religious idea that something created us to observe the universe. The creator created us to observe what the creator had created. Yeah, I know that’s a lot of “create” in one sentence. Basically Hazel dad believes that we exist to observe what was already in existence because the universe, not unlike Augustus, wants to be known and remembered. I feel like I’m talking in circles. I hope this is making sense. 

I think Hazel is not quite sure whether or not she agrees. She did say, “You are fairly smart,” to her father right after he explained his bit about the universe. So I believe that she thought his theory was plausible. 

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Have you ever put a cigarette between your teeth, but didn't light it?


All the time

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John Green inspired Easter Eggs


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The Fault in Our Stars + colour palettes  [insp.]

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the fault in our stars by troye sivan is pretty emotional

Definitely. It has brought me to tears several times. 

It was literally the first song that popped into my head when I read that question, but I was trying to force myself to think outside the tfios box lol.

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if someone asks for you to follow them on tumblr, would u do it?

It depends. If that person reblogs a lot of tfios, shai, ansel, and/or nerdfighteria, then yes. If that person didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t. This has absolutely nothing to do with the blogger. It’s just that I pretty much only reblog those four things, so I don’t really want my dash crowded with things that I know I will never reblog. 

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I'm in mood for a really deep and emotional song right now. I have absolutely no idea why, due to the fact that I'm actually quite happy at the moment. But I was wondering if you have any recommendations?

Oh gosh, I’m really bad at coming up with this sort of stuff off the top of my head…

I think the song Down by Jason Walker and Molly Reed is pretty deep and emotional. 

Does anyone else have any suggestions??

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I have a question. Sorry it's random, but, um, why do you think Augustus died (oh my god) instead of Hazel? Idk, just wanted your opinion. Anyway, I love your blog. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Much love babe. x

Thanks, love :) 

Honestly, I’m not really sure I have an answer for this. I guess that’s just the way life works? It’s rare that people actually die when we expect them to. Children shouldn’t die before their parents, but they do. Lovers should die together in their sleep, but they don’t. I guess the best answer I have for this is that life is unfair and unpredictable. 

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I just started a channel and this is my second vlog :)

Go watch this!!!

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Hey. I'm not asking an anon question, I'm giving anon advice. If any of you reading this are bullied, I have a story. I was bullied. One boy in particular, I swear he hated me. He ripped my papers and teased me and then claimed to be innocent for the teachers. But you know what? I have friends now. I have books now. I want to tell you, any of you bullied: it will get better. I promise. Please, please, do not kill yourself. Do whatever you need to do, but please, never harm yourself in any way.


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Hi I hope you had a great day and happy Easter:) I was wondering if you happen to know where I can get me one of those movie theater tfios posters?

Thank you so much :)
The theater ones were only available during Project for Awesome. Sometimes you can find people selling them on eBay or amazon, but they’re usually pretty pricey.
I’m willing to bet there will be smaller ones available closer to the release of the movie.

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tell us a funny personal story of yours

Ummm…. let’s see…

Last weekend, my two best friends and I went downtown. We wanted to get someone to take our picture together by the river, so we were going to go ask these two girls because they were taking pictures of each other. But as we got close we noticed that they were making sexy poses with ice cream. They were just taking turns posing sexy with their ice cream and taking pictures of each other. So yeah, we found someone else to take out picture because they looked pretty busy.

Then later we ended up getting ice cream and walking out onto the pier, and I was like, “We should take sexy pictures with our ice cream.” I was joking, but… yeah… we ended up taking posing “sexily” with our ice cream for pictures. I still have the pictures on my phone. We decided it’s going to be the next big thing (like planking). We call it “ice creaming” :p 

Yeah, I know, we’re weird. This is probably not the least bit funny to you guys, but we were cracking up. 

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